Emotional Intelligence - Skills for the New Decade


Well-being is even more important during times where real-world social interactions are rare. The VMI Well-Being & Scientific Excellence initiative consequently extends into the virtual world. Follow with other VMI members the free Search Inside Yourself webinar “Emotional Intelligence: Skills for the New Decade” and join us for a virtual apero right in our Zoom room right after.

Webinar Abstract:

In the face of global crisis, uncertainty, rapid change, and increasing demands, what is the role for the human-focused skills in the workplace? We believe emotional intelligence and mental resiliences are all the more vital right now. Join us for a discussion with SIYLI’s Board members Cecily Mak and Bill Duane on the role of emotional intelligence at work today and in the years to come. The webinar will be hosted by Steph Stern, SIYLI’s Director of Global Expansion, and will include 45 minutes of discussion and 15 minutes for Q&A.

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Current Situation

We hope that you are healthy and starting to settle into your new work-from-home routine. Here are a few ressources from ETH and AVETH to help answer the most common questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

Virtual Game Night


Join us for a virtual board game night! We will play some party games like one night werewolves, codenames or avalon. Grab some snacks and drinks and join us while we try a variety of online tools to play some games together.

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Snow Time


As part of our Scientific Excellence & Well-Being initiative, we are organizing an excursion into both the snowy outdoors and our brain’s insides.

We will spend 30h in the snow at 2000m above sea level. We will experience the strength and calmness of nature in Winter, learn to to set up a snow camp and build an igloo.

In addition to giving you an active break, the reduction to the essential will give you new perspectives. You will learn to focus on your inside, connect with your body and you will be given time for self-reflection.

When and where?

We meet on Saturday (07.03.20) morning and hike through the snow covered winter landscape to our camp location (TBA). This day we focus on getting to know each other, construction of our snow camp (e.g. caves with igloo like roofs), cooking dinner and spending a cozy evening in the group camp. On Sunday after breakfast, we do some playful group activities, reflect, pack and rejoin civilisation.

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