This page collects interesting information & links.

VMI’s Welcome to D-INFK Brochure

This (slightly outdated) brochure is a quick introduction to the department. It’s meant to complement the AVETH Survival Guide.

Research Seminars

A variety of groups and institutes organize semi-regular seminars, reading groups, or talks. Below is a list of those that we are currently aware of. Please let us know if you know of any other!

Research Plan Collection

The D-INFK Guidelines specify the minimum content requirements but give little advice on depth or style required. We are therefore collecting some well-written past research plans that can give you an idea of the style and scope.

We have set-up a shared polybox folder where you can find samples shared by our members. Please feel free to add your own research plan, too!

Mentoring Programme for Women in Computer Science

In collaboration with CSNOW, we’ve started a new mentoring programme to help young female scientists find a suitable mentor within our faculty. You can sign up anytime to become a mentee or become a mentor!