VMI & VMM Hike in Kerenzerberg with Trottinett Cruise


Join us for a scenery hike to Nüencham followed by a trottinett ride adventure. We take the Public transit to Filzbach (approx 1h from Zurich HB) and the Gondola to Habergschwänd. There we start our hike to the Nüenchamm peak with lots of scenery views over the Walensee towards the impressive mountain range Churfirsten. The hike is gentle and easy (3 hours walking time). We will eat lunch at a beautiful spot and after arriving back at Habergschwänd, we rent a trottinett to drive down to the valley. We will be back in Zurich HB in the late afternoon.

Lasertag VMI vs. VIS


We challenged the students of computer science (VIS) for a match of Lasertag. In Lasertag, two teams compete against each other. A team scores by marking an opposite player with a laser “gun”. Be aware though, if you get tagged, the other team scores! Lasertag is contact-less and involves no physical projectiles.

Game Night


Join us for a fun game evening. We will play some party games like one night werewolves, codenames or avalon. We will also organize some drinks and ingredients to make some delicious sandwiches.

ETH-wide code of conduct

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