Escape Room Night


Try to solve the puzzles and escape from the room before your 60 minutes are up! Escape Rooms are puzzle challenges where you have to work together in a small team to escape a room by finding clues, solving puzzles and finding keys. Afterwards, we will head to Ristorante Bella Donna for an (optional) dinner. The team that performs best (as determined by an independent judge ;) will dine on VMI’s dime!

When and where?

We meet on Thursday, 4th of April, 2019, at 17:15 at the CAB main entrance. From there we will take the tram to Escape Quest Zürich.

Who can participate?

All D-INFK scientific staff (phds, postdocs, senior scientists, etc) and their +1’s. Please sign up below if you intend to participate such that we can buy enough food.

Sign up here! (or via facebook)


25 CHF for D-INFK members, 35 CHF for +1’s. Tram tickets to Escape Quest will be provided for those that do not have a ZVV/GA card.