Game Night


Join us for some games. We will play some party games like one night werewolves, codenames or avalon. We will also organize some food and drinks.

VMI & VMITET Career Talk


We invite a VMI Allumni who graduated some time ago. He will tell us how his everyday life looks like, what happend in his career since graduation, how was the transition from academia to industry, what where the most usefull skills to achieve what he did, and many more things. Then we will have time to ask questions we are interested in. This part will take at most one hour. Afterwards we will have a delicious apero and some drinks together.

Games on Grass

When and where?

We meet on Thursday, 24th of June, 2017, at 17:30 at Chinawiese. To make things easy, we meet on the piece of grass in front of the “Chinese Take Away” sign (map).

VMI & CSNOW visit Adventure Park Rheinfall


VMI and CSNOW (Network of Women in Computer Science) visit the Adventure Park Rheinfall. This ropepark offers a wide range of playful parcours, like a panorama parcour with a gorgeous view over the Rheinfall, easy parcours for enjoying and getting used to being up in the air and challenging parcours for those who want to have some adrenalin kicks. We will stay in the ropepark for about 3 hours. Afterwards we will take a short walk to take a closer look at the spectacular Rheinfall which is Switzerlands biggest waterfall and find a nice location to take some refreshing drinks.