VMI-CSNOW Mentoring Program


The transition between student and academic life can be tricky and confusing for everyone, from learning how to be a good researcher to thinking about your career goals - and anything in between! It often helps to informally chat with older peers that have faced similar problems and asked similar questions in the past. Unfortunately, for female PhD students it is not always easy to get to know older female PhD students or Postdocs, as there might not be (m)any in the same research group.

The goal of our new mentoring program, in collaboration with CSNOW, is to help young female scientists to find a suitable mentor within our faculty. Would you like to benefit from the mentoring program or would you like to participate as a mentor? Then see application instructions and more details below!

The concrete details of the mentee-mentor relationship (content, regularity of meetings, etc.) is completely up to each pair. But we are of course very happy to provide guidance and tips for building a beneficial mentee-mentor relationship and will offer further support if necessary.

When and where?

You can apply at any time of the year - but we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible, so we can get to work finding you the most suitable mentor/mentee!


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Become a mentor

Who can participate?

Female scientific staff