Running Dinner


VMI invites you to Running Dinner – the tastiest way to meet new people!

At the running dinner, you will eat a three-course dinner during the evening (while preparing one of these courses yourself), followed by an after-party at OAT with everyone who participated in the running dinner!

Team up with a partner (office mate, flat mate, …) and cook one course at your place for you and four other people. You will go to someone else’s place for the other courses, and will host two other teams for the course that you cook. Overall, you meet twelve people during the evening! There even is a Wikipedia entry for Running Dinners (English version)!

When and where?

Saturday 18th November, first course at 18:00.


Sign up here

Who can participate?

Scientific staff, their friends, partners, etc.

Do I need to run?

Good news: No! It’s just the name of this kind of event. You can obviously use a bike or public transportation to get to the locations.


Sign up with your cooking buddy and select your preferred course (check your spam folder for the confirmation email). You can also specify your eating preferences (vegetarian, vegan, …). Every course is enjoyed by the hosting team and two visiting teams.

One day before the event, you will receive an email that tells you:

  • Which course (starter, main, dessert) you should prepare
  • Who you will host for that course along their dietary restrictions
  • The list of places that you will visit (one of these places will be yours)

Make sure that you prepare your course for the evening ahead of time! After the three courses, we meet for an afterparty at Amboss Rampe!