Hike with D-MATH


Join us for an easy hike on Saturday, October 28, jointly organised by D-MATH and D-INFK! The hike is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while the weather still permits.

Note that the hike will now take place on October 28 and not October 14 like we planned at first.

We will hike in Walensee, a beautiful lake in the eastern part of Switzerland. We will travel from Zürich HB to Weesen, Biäsche at 10:12. Please meet us at Zürich HB no later than 10:00 by the meeting point at the large clock in the main hall.

We will do a picnic in the middle of the hike. Please bring your own refreshments! After that, we will walk to Quentin and take a 45 boat ride at 14:50 from Weesen. We will then travel back to Zürich HB with an estimated arrival time of 16:48. The VMI will pay for the boat ride for VMI members, but aside from that, everyone is responsible for their own travel costs.

Note that in case of rain in the forecast, the event may be cancelled. We will let you know no later than Thursday.

+1s are welcome!

When, where and how?

Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023

Time: 10:00 at Zürich HB


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Who can participate?

D-INFK members and their guests.