A Hero’s Journey through the PhD studies


During this 2 day canoe adventure you will experience an active break in nature, a sense of community, adventure spirit and time for reflection and exchange. We will have a fun time on the water, enjoy jointly cooked outdoor meals and spend day and night in nature. The time in nature slows us down, widens our perception and allows a switch of perspective. The hero’s journey metaphor will accompany us. This will help you to gain a new view on challenges that you are facing, on the essence that you learn from these and on your past, current and future callings.

When, where and how?

Date: July 23 - 24, 2022
We meet in Düdingen at 10:30 on Saturday and finish around 16:00 on Sunday afternoon.

What to bring, items marked with a * can be rented cheaply.

  • Isolation pad*
  • Warm enough sleeping bag (you can rent a sleeping bag warmth upgrade)
  • Clothes for on the water and a set of warm clothes for the evenings and mornings. Including rain jacket.
  • Two pairs of shoes (the one on the canoes might get wet)
  • Hygiene articles, the necessary stuff like toothbrush, toilet paper, …)
  • Sun protection (hat, suncream, sun glasses)
  • Headlamp, pocket knife, lighter, earplugs
  • Plate, cup, spoon, fork
  • Other things you need for a fun time on the water or on land.

Organizer and Facilitator: Flo from Go with the Flo


Participation fee 160 CHF (includes food and overnight stay). Sign-up here: Registration.

Who can participate?

D-INFK members and other researchers and their +1s