Psychological Safety Workshop


To speak up – be it in a meeting with professors, industry partners, students, friends or with colleagues – can be very difficult, can’t it?

Psychological safety is about building an atmosphere where speaking up is easy. It is understood as the ability to show oneself without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career, which can be different in various scenarios. Several studies found that psychological safety promotes creativity and change – whether it is in the development of teams, of leaders, of innovations or of organizations.

Famously, Google asked themselves: What makes a Google team effective? And they found that psychological safety was by far the most important dynamic. So, it is time to get to know psychological safety and learn how to foster and promote it in our environments.

For that, join our interactive workshop from to practice and learn. See you soon!

This is part of our Scientific Excellence & Well-Being initiative.

When and where?

Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Time: 18:00-20:00

Where: Zoom; link will be sent to registered participants


The cost of the workshop is subsidized by VMI, reducing the participation fee to only 20 CHF/person. To secure your spot register by 16th of April, for later registrations we need to check whether coaches are still available. Please sign-up on the doodle here: Registration.

Who can participate?

All D-INFK members