Random Lunch


The random lunch is a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues all across D-INFK in a friendly atmosphere, to grow your network and to get a fresh perspective on life and work at D-INFK.

The format is simple, start by signing up with your @inf.ethz.ch email. Every first week of the month, you get drafted into a group of size four. You get notified per email on Sunday who your lunch-mates are. Then, click the reply-all button to agree on a date with your lunch-mates and meet for lunch at your favourite location.

If you are signed up, but cannot make in some weeks, you can choose to be not available for that date, such that you are not drafted into a group.

Who can participate?

All scientific staff at D-INFK.


First week of every month.


Free. However you’ll need to pay for your lunch yourself.