Managing Stress Workshop


Join us for VMI’s stress-management workshop, followed by an apéro and a chance to network with the other participants.

When and where?

Thursday, December the 1st, 16:30 in CAB H52.


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Event Description

In an environment that is highly competitive and fast paced, current research indicates there is a mental health crisis brewing among PhD students and researchers. Stress and burnout may lead to overwhelming effects, unfortunately all too common as doctoral researchers strive to meet constant demands. This interactive 90-minute workshop will focus on understanding and managing stress and overwhelm. Areas focussed on will include:

  • A Positive Psychology approach to well-being
  • Recognising negative stress and its symptoms
  • Unpacking what a balanced lifestyle looks like in order to control stress in the long term
  • Suggestions and tools to manage stress, overwhelm and avoid burnout
  • Developing a personal action plan for stress management

This workshop will help participants identify personal stress factors, reflect upon their own stress management strategies, and become more effective in handling everyday pressures in a sustainable way. Participants will leave with the tools to create a more balanced lifestyle, alongside developing their own stress management resources, in order to better manage their own mental health and well-being.

About the Speaker

Rachel Suery is a Professional Certified Coach and an Organisation, Systems and Relationship Coach. She holds a Masters in Psychology; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education; Diploma in Teaching; Mindfulness Training certification; and International Counselling Certification. Rachel combines over 25 years experience working and leading in educational environments worldwide. Her greatest passion is supporting the development of mental health and well-being within the education field. Rachel has experience coaching PhD students in avoiding burnout, with a focus on managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm alongside living a balanced and fulfilled life.

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Who can participate?

D-INFK members, as well as ETH staff from other departments!