Work - life balance workshop


As a scientist, you are expected to find novel and creative solutions to complicated and complex problems, manage your research projects, actively engage in international collaborations, publish, teach and study – all while navigating a highly competitive environment. Unsurprisingly, many researchers feel the urge to reduce time for personal life and family to the bare minimum. But does this yield the desired results? Join for a short and memorable interactive lecture on working more effectively and more happily in one of the most exciting environments on the planet.

Learn how to:

  • Care for yourself – make enough time for research, experience a lot more quality
  • Feel good saying “No.” – learn to separate the important from the unimportant
  • Feel good saying “Yes.” – stay committed in the face of challenges

When, where and how?

Date, Room: TBA

Facilitator: Marieke from Improvate


Participation fee 15 CHF. Sign-up here: Registration.

Who can participate?

All D-INFK members and people interested in the scientific excellence and well-being initiative.