Saying No - workshop


Saying “no” is not always easy - but necessary. Whether at work or in private relationships. Those who have learned to say “yes” out of (false) politeness will sooner or later harm themselves and others. Burnout, bitterness and poor performance can follow, while turning to fake solutions like excuses and ‘ghosting’ will damage one’s self image and connections with others. In this workshop we will explore our discomfort with turning down requests. In a constructive and curious atmosphere we will train to confidently and politely set and communicate healthy boundaries that will help to maintain good relations. We will use a playful combination of embodiment exercises, voice training, body language and rhetorics with specific example sentences. The participant’s needs will be in the foreground, so they can quickly implement their newly learned skills in their everyday life.

A workshop by luhmen d’arc for the Scientific-Excellence-&-Well-Being-Initiative of the VMI.

When, where and how?

Date: December 15, 2021

Time: 9:00 - 14:00

Location: STD G1

We will have a short lunch break together.

You need to bring a valid Covid certificate.


Participation fee of 25 CHF. Please sign-up here: Registration

Who can participate?

For VMI members. Curious people from other fields are welcome to join, but need to pay the non-subsidised participation fee of 100 CHF.