VMI Online Events

We’re planning a series of evening online activities to pass the time before we can meet in person again.

Virtual get-to-know-each-other games

Did you like the Zoom speed friending activity? Or did you miss it and want another chance to make new friends at the department? Join us for a series of collaborative and competitive games, where you’ll get to know your fellow PhD students and postdocs while exercising your cooperation skills.

Over the coming weeks, we’ve prepared four exciting events for you. More information will be released closer to each event - but you can already start thinking about which of your colleagues you want to challenge to a round of Among Us in the board game night, or compete against in the final pub quiz!

  • Monday, 12.04, 17:30-19:00 Speed-friending + team event
    • We’ll assign you to teams and start with a session of speed friending for you to get to know each other. Then it’s your turn to compete against the other teams in a mystery game! You don’t need anything more than Zoom. This activity is inspired by our summer retreat get-to-know-each-other games.
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  • Tuesday, 20.04, 19:00 Virtual board game night
    • It’s finally time for the next virtual board game night! Join us over Zoom for a chance to challenge your colleagues to any of your favourite online games, including Among Us, Secret Hitler, Codenames, Just One, Sushi Go and many more.

    • There’s no need to register, but in order to play some of the games you need an account on Board Game Arena, so please set up an account in advance and add Matilda as a friend. If you want to play Among Us, you need to have access to the game. It’s available on Steam for CHF 5

    • As usual, +1s are very welcome to join.

    • Zoom link Meeting ID: 63956343573 Passcode: 107064

  • Thursday, 29.04, 19:00 Powerpoint karaoke

    • Do you like improvising? Or watching other people get creative as they give a presentation with slides they’ve never seen before? Join us for an entertaining evening as we play the hilarious game of Powerpoint Karaoke. Giggles guaranteed.

    • We’ll start out with some speed friending to get comfortable, and then split into small groups for the presentations. Whether you love being in the limelight or suffer from stage fright, this is the perfect opportunity to practice your presentation skills in a very relaxed setting.
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  • Friday, 07.05, 19:30 Pub quiz

    • After all the excitement of the past few weeks’ events, we hope you’re ready for the final one: the VMI pub quiz! Grab your friends, grab a few drinks, and get ready to answer fun trivia questions about a whole bunch of mystery topics. You’re welcome to form your own teams - or just come along and we’ll find you some teammates. Let’s see who will come out on top! Sign up here!

Who can participate?

All D-INFK scientific staff (phds, postdocs, senior scientists, etc), their +1’s, and all friends of VMI.